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I am an aspiring musician and composer and hope to compose for video games and film one day. I am also an amateur artist


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Posted by SimPhony - July 28th, 2013

Hello everyone!
I decided to post this update to reassure those who might be wondering if I have left newgrounds or stopped making music altogether.
To which I can say, no I am still here and yes I'm still making music! However, I have hit a rather massive wall when it comes to composing my music.
I seem to only be able to write small parts and then the rest of the piece I just simply cannot create.(I have about 20 unfinished projects lying around on my hard drive.) It sounds great in my head but I am clueless as to how to actually bring it about.
I like to think of it as being musically mute and seeing everyone else "talking" creating there music and being able to understand them and enjoy their work and wanting to share what I have but nothing comes out. If that makes any sense. :/
I have decided to take the plunge into music theory and composition. Nothing huge like a college course or anything like that (yet) just some books about the subject and what I can glean online. Those who have seen my profile description know that I have no music training whatsoever. I don't even know an A from C on a keyboard let alone the proper structuring of instruments, key changes, bla bla bla. Which I think is a huge setback for me personally if I want to improve and move forward let alone try to make something out of this current hobby of mine.

So it may be awhile before I submit anything of real substance but I would like to ask those reading this:
Regardless of whether they're finished or not do you want to hear some of the work in progress pieces I've made or should I wait until they are finished?
Let me know what you think and I want to give a VERY huge thanks to those who follow my work and listen to my stuff it is a huge blessing to me and I am truly grateful!